Valentine’s day simple gifts and ideas that rock – 2012

Here are some Valentine’s day gifts and ideas that will surely capture the hearts of your loved ones.

Flowers and chocolates
This combo never gets old! Giving flowers and chocolates as presents for Valentine’s day is still one of the best and simpliest gesture to say “I Love You.” Just don’t forget to add a little extra with that! Make a little personal poem or letter to give that cheesy fever going on.

Personalized item pairs
This can go from mugs, pillow cases, t-shirts, rings, necklace pendants, bracelets, etc. Something that says “I’m the better half of him/her.” It is much of a compliment to be considered as someone who completes someone. Besides, it always pays to let your partner know where he/she stands in your life.

Personalized photo puzzle
Choose the best, sweetest, mushiest photo of you together and have it made into a photo collage puzzle. This is just something different. Unique. Go ahead and have fun doing the puzzle together.

Spa treat for you and your sweetheart
Who doesn’t get stressed with the toxicity of life nowadays? Tired from work, fed up from anxieties and problems? Then this one is the perfect gift for you and your special someone. Go the extra mile! Go treat yourself together and let yourselves be pampered.

Romantic dinner
Who says you need to hit the restaurant for this? Effort is effort. Set up a romantic dinner for the both of you. Prepare and cook something special both of you will enjoy with that candle lit on the center of the table. This one’s a classic! It will sure give delight and excitement to share a night of exclusivity with that music of love filling the air.

Out of town adventure
If you’ve got that extra money go ahead and enjoy an out of town trip to the beach or some resort that you can unwind, enjoy, bond, and share time together. For those that want adventure and nature tripping, look for places you can do activities like ziplinning, rapelling, diving, or other acitivities that might suit your liking.

Make use of those pictures! Give a scrapbook full of your memories together. Its always fun to look back at those happy moments as you anticipatingly wait for those that are yet to come. Don’t forget that extrta sizzle! Go write down your love story and include some souvenirs from the hightlights.

Movie marathon/movie date
Be sure to make reservations! A lot of couples will head to movie houses on Valentine’s day. Nuff said. Variation? Stay at home and do a movie marathon of mushy movies or your favorite movies.

There maybe a hundred more gifts waiting to be given and ideas waiting to be done out there. But, what is most important is the sincerity and love you give and put into making your plans and activities. A simple yet sincere hug and expression of love and “thank you” is worth more than any lavish and extravagant gift given with full of pretensions. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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